Confitura 2014 - Developers family reunion

I like this time of the year. Summers just begins, it’s nice and warm outside the sun is shining and my favorite community conference takes place. Confitura is very close to my heart. I had a pleasure to participate in the organization in the past. But this year I was on the other side, a speaker. I was a bit curious how community will react on the topic of my speech (“How to be a happy Developer?”)? Would it catch attention and fill the room? It was a “soft” presentation after all.

But my doubts vanished in the air of full venue and were definitely gone afterwards when the applause rang out. Thank you for attending to my presentation, it was a pleasure to share my insights about carrier with you. For those who chose the other session, no worries, you will still be able to watch it. Just wait a bit and follow ConfituraPL on Twitter or Facebook (the video should be available on youtube).

One of the insight on my presentation was that “the most important are the people around you” and that’s the thing that I love about Confitura. Each year I have a great opportunity to meet lot’s of people. Those that I met during studies, my past jobs, community leaders and conference veterans. It’s like family reunion. I haven’t seen many of those guys for a long time and sometimes we haven’t heard from each other for a while, but during Confitura we talk together, gossip or joke like it was yesterday. Besides that I met lot’s of new people too, I hope we will see each other next year (or maybe during WarsJava?).

Kudos for organizers and volunteers, job well done. That was great developers family reunion!

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